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Leave No Trace Camping

In order to preserve the wilderness experience the BWCAW offers, please follow the following rules:

1. Cans and bottles are banned. Disposable metal or glass food and beverage containers are not allowed within the BWCA Wilderness.

2. Travel and camp quietly and in small groups and select muted colors for your clothing and camping gear. Nine people and four watercraft are the maximum allowed within your party. You may not exceed this limit at any time or any place within the wilderness.

3. Avoid contributing to soil erosion by wearing flat soled footwear and not digging a trench around your tent.

4. Protect the water quality by doing your dish washing, tooth brushing and personal washing well away from shore--more than 150 feet from the water's edge.

5. Pack out all your trash. Either burn your food waste completely or bury it far back in the woods.

6. Protect your food from bears. Educate yourself on how to discourage bears from entering your campsite.

7. Catch and release most fish. When you clean fish, do it away from your campsite and bury the remains thoroughly, far back in the woods.

8. You must camp at designated campsites. Each campsite has a fire grate, a tent site and a box latrine.

9. Open fires are allowed only within the fire grates at campsites. Stove use is encouraged.

10. You must drown your fire dead out whenever you leave your campsite unattended.

11. You may camp no more fourteen consecutive days at any one campsite.

12. You must use only down and dead firewood, gathered away from the campsite and lakeshore. It is illegal to cut green or growing vegetation of any kind. Also, be careful not to trod on undergrowth.

13. Use latrines at campsites or bury human waste more than 150 feet from the water's edge and portages.

14. No gear or equipment may be stored within the wilderness not associated with the current trip.

15. Historic artifacts should be left alone.

16. Dogs must be kept under control at all times.

17. Please be aware of any current fire restrictions.

18. Have fun! Enjoy knowing that you have preserved this beautiful, unique area for future generations to enjoy.


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