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Birds in the BWCA

The Boundary Waters is a great place to go birdwatching. Ornithology is an enjoyable pastime for many people who come to the BWCA each year. Being able to know what the species is that you encounter on your trip enhances the experience for many. The iconic Common Loon is always a sight to see. Other bird species, such as the Bald Eagle and other types of owls are also found in the wilderness. 

“Common Loon” by GlacierNPS

Partners in Flight (PIF) and the North American Bird Conservation Initiative (NABCI) — have identified a total of 86 bird species that are of significant “continental concern”. These birds have the highest level of conservation concern in the wide range scale. The BWCA has 13 of these 86 species. 

  1. Snowy Owl 
  2. Long-eared Owl 
  3. Eastern Whip-poor-will 
  4. Red-headed Woodpecker 
  5. Olive-sided Flycatcher 
  6. Wood Thrush 
  7. Golden-winged Warbler 
  8. Connecticut Warbler 
  9. Cape May Warbler 
  10. Canada Warbler 
  11. Harris’s Sparrow 
  12. Rusty Blackbird 
  13. Evening Grosbeak

Partners in Flight:

Minnesota Endangered Species List: