Dorothy Molter: The Root Beer Lady


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By Sarah Guy-Levar and Terri Schocke

Kindness, Strength and Perseverance

Her name is synonymous with the Boundary Waters and root beer. Her story is one of struggle and triumph. Dorothy Molter lived in the BWCA for over 50 years–15 miles and 5 portages from the nearest road. In 1952, a¬†Saturday Evening Post¬†article even declared her “The Loneliest Woman in America,” though nothing could be further from the truth, as she received countless visitors over the years.

This is the biography of the Nightingale of the Wilderness, of a woman who fought the government for her land, of a woman whose life inspired a museum in her honor.

Book Features:

  • A fresh look at Dorothy’s life from the people who operate her museum
  • New stories and long-forgotten photographs
  • Dorothy’s famous Christmas letters
  • Dorothy’s very own root beer recipe

Even those familiar with Dorothy’s incredible life story have never experienced it like this.


ISBN: 9781591932550