Souris River Quetico 16 Kevlar Canoe #184


2018 Souris River Quetico 16 Kevlar #184

*We do not ship canoes. Canoes can be purchased and stored at Sawbill until your next visit. Your satisfaction is guaranteed – if you don’t like the canoe when you see it, you get your money back with no questions.  Indicate in purchase notes the timeframe you plan to pickup.

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Length 16′ 2″; center depth 14″; stern depth 20″; bow depth 20″; Max width 34″; gunwale width 34″;  weight 42 lbs; construction is Kevlar/ flexible rib with epoxy and external fiberglass layer.  Ultra-light with web seats and aluminum trim, installed wooden yoke and our  comfortable, adjustable custom-made yoke pads.

The Quetico 16 is a  versatile, maneuverable and well tracking small wilderness tripping canoe. It is perfectly sized for an adult and child or for two smaller adults. It is laid up without a thwart behind the front seat, making it a great high capacity solo.  It is easy to paddle and easy to portage making a great fit for short trips or for multi day trips with smaller loads.  This canoe has two large patches on the side walls to repair creases from an accidental rough drop – the repairs are sound, leaving only an aesthetic blemishes – and a great price. It has also has refurbished skid plates and a shiny coat of varnish. This canoe will provide many more years of paddling enjoyment.