Wenonah Canak Ultralight Kevlar Hybrid Canoe #010


2011 Wenonah Canak Ultralight Kevlar #010

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Length 16′; center 12 1/2″; stern 16″; bow 16″; max width 30″; weight 42 lbs; construction is Kevlar/foam core ultra-light with a sliding pedestal tractor seat. Removable carrying yoke, spray covers for the bow and stern compartments.

The Canak is a canoe/kayak hybrid. With a canoe hull shape it has plenty of stability and capacity for gear. The center mounted seat is nice for paddling with a double bladed paddle. The simple to install carrying yoke and the lightweight nature allow for multi day trips in canoe country.  It has a fresh coat of epoxy resin on the bottom and refurbished Kevlar skid plates.