Wenonah Minnesota 2 Ultralight Kevlar Canoe #137


2021 Wenonah Minnesota 2 Ultralight Kevlar #137

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Length 18.5′; center depth 12.5″; stern depth 16″; bow depth 20″; Max width 35″; gunwale width 33.5″; waterline width 33.5″; weight 42 lbs; construction is Kevlar/foam core ultra-light. Comfortable, adjustable custom-made yoke pads.

While in the BWCA Wilderness, you’ll see a lot of these Jensen-designed canoes. The Minnesota 2 is highly regarded by the dedicated paddlers, professional guides, and wilderness rangers. It is 18.5′ and weighs in at 42 lbs. This canoe is has only been used for two seasons so has relatively little use compared to three year old canoes we typically sell.  As such, it has been varnished and has refurbished skid plates, but not a new coat of resin. There is one repair to reinforce a ding adjacent to one of the ribs – there is a patch on the interior of the canoe and reinforced resin on the exterior. The damage did not go through the hull and the canoe is still in great paddling shape.