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Round the clock Wilderness

9/9/19 – Have you ever seen the sun go down to the haunting call of a loon? Have you stayed up and watched an ocean of stars appear above and below your rocky lake view camp? Has the sound of a beaver slapping it’s tail woke you in the middle of the night?

“The days are getting shorter,” a simple phrase but does it hold true? With the sun setting earlier and rising later it is a great time of year to embrace that you do not have to stay up past 11pm to start appreciating the darker side of the BWCA. If you have a strong knowledge of where you are and an adventurous spirit try going for a night float. Something as simple as drifting in your canoe just off shore of camp can be a life changing experience. Just be sure to bring a good strong light and keep track of where you are so you can make it back to your cozy tent at night.


Setting off into the sunet
Alton Lake by twilight