is the website where you can reserve an entry permit for overnight camping in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area (BWCA) Wilderness. Entry point codes in our area are:

  • Sawbill Lake #38 (where we are located)
  • Kawishiwi Lake #37 (22 miles west of Sawbill)
  • Baker Lake #39 (8 miles east of Sawbill)
  • Brule Lake #41 (22 miles east of Sawbill)
  • Homer Lake #40 (20 miles east of Sawbill)
  • Hog Creek #36 (20 miles west of Sawbill)
  • Isabella Lake #35 (38 miles west of Sawbill)
  • Island River #34 (38 miles west of Sawbill)
  • Bog Lake #67 (40 miles west of Sawbill)
  • Little Isabella River #75 (47 miles west of Sawbill)
  • Snake River #84 (48 miles west of Sawbill)

7 Day Weather Forecast for the Superior National Forest.

Regional Satellite Photo is updated hourly.

Chronology of the BWCA Wilderness by Steve Wilbers. A great listing of geological, historical, and natural history of the BWCA Wilderness.

Save the Boundary Waters. You have only one chance to save a national treasure. One of America’s most important wilderness areas is threatened by sulfide mining—a toxic mining practice never before allowed in Minnesota.

Friends of the Boundary Waters has worked effectively for the last 20 years to protect the BWCA Wilderness. If you want to help protect the BWCA Wilderness, join this group.

The Wilderness Society is another fine organization, advocating for wilderness on a national level.

The WILD Foundation, founded in 1974, is the only international organization dedicated entirely and explicitly to wilderness protection around the world.

National Forest Campground Guide. Our good friends, Fred and Suzi Dow, have visited every National Forest Campground in the U.S. (including Alaska) and curate this wonderful camping resource website. They’ve said many nice things about us and the Sawbill Lake Campground over the years.

Granite Gear. Our good friends based in nearby Two Harbors, Minnesota, manufacture the canoe packs we rent. They are internationally known for their first rate backpacks and many other great products. They also have an outlet store at their facility in Two Harbors which is well worth a stop on your way up to Sawbill. Tell them we sent you!

Northstar Canoes are proudly made in Minnesota by Ted Bell and his crew. A group of avid paddlers and wilderness travelers, Northstar Canoes are ready to take you on a Boundary Waters canoe trip.

Wenonah Canoe is a Minnesota-based manufacturer of top-of-the line canoes and kayaks. You can rent their ultralight Kevlar Minnesota II, ultralight Kevlar Minnesota III, ultralight Kevlar Prism solo and a special lightweight version of their Royalex Spirit II from us.

Owlman’s Boreal Owl Home Page is the work of owl researcher Bill Lane. Bill’s study area includes the Sawbill Trail. He has roamed the night woods around these parts for the last eighteen years.

Earl Rook’s Boundary Waters Compendium is an exhaustive resource for BWCA Wilderness information. He calls Sawbill Canoe Outfitters “One of the very best”. is a multi format resource for news and stories about the Boundary Waters. Sawbill is a regular sponsor of their podcast and e-magazine. is a BWCA Wilderness information website. is the best BWCA Wilderness information website.

The International Wolf Center is loaded with great information about wolves. You can access their telemetry data to learn where the wolves are.

North American Bear Center is the loaded with great information about bears.

Mike Furtman’s Home Page is a wonderful resource for all things wilderness. I highly recommend his books: Canoe Country Camping is the best in its class.

North House Folk School is located on the gorgeous harbor in Grand Marais, Minnesota. They offer courses in boat building, timber framing, fibers, food, and more. They also offer sailing experiences on Lake Superior aboard their 50′ gaff rigged schooner, Hjørdis.

Betsy Bowen Studio. Betsy is a world-class local artist and an old friend. Her creative and beautiful site offers insight into lifestyles of the northwoods.

Leave No Trace is the national wilderness education and ethics effort led by the National Outdoor Leadership School.

Minnesota Department of Natural Resources Lake Finder. With this great tool, you can enter the name of any lake and view fish stocking and population estimates, water quality reports, fish consumption advisories, and a variety of maps. Not every BWCA Wilderness lake is available, but many are.

The Superior Hiking Trail is one of the nation’s great foot trails. Nearly complete, the trail runs from Duluth to the Canadian border along the hills overlooking Lake Superior.

An Online First Aid Guide for Families was recommended to us by an after-school volunteer and one of her students who aspires to be a nurse.