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Fall Projects

MEA weekend is upon us, and at Sawbill that means the last wave of wilderness-goers is moving through the outfitter. At this point in the season it almost feels strange to have customers coming in regularly, as the remaining crew has spent the last couple weeks working through projects to prepare for the winter. While the amount of customers declines in the fall, there is still plenty of work to do to close down the outfitter and prepare the grounds for the many changes that happen during the winter. Projects such as wood stacking, deep cleaning, taking inventory, and storing canoes can often take days to complete, even with the entire crew working together to get them done. After the last hoorah that is MEA weekend, the real finishing touches can be put on the outfitter and much of the fall crew will begin to head home for the winter. Thanks to everyone for a great season! We will of course be in touch via the Sawbill Newsletter throughout the winter, and we look forward to seeing you all again next year!

– Owen

These piles of wood will soon be neatly organized, as the other stacks nearby demonstrate
The finished product, just before adding a tarp to protect the stacks from the elements… this wood will provide fuel for heat on the premises throughout the long winter months for those who live here year round!
All unsold shirts from this year have been marked down and will be sold at a sale price next season!
Dan and Paul nesting a canoe in the new pole barn for winter storage