Big Waves, Small Boat, Two Kids: A Family Sailing Adventure


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By Katya Goodenough Gordon

Mark and Katya bought a thirty-four-foot steel sailboat. With their two daughters, they sailed around Lake Superior, then moved aboard for a year and sailed to the Bahamas. The sailing life proved both challenging and rewarding to the extreme, and big decisions made along the way stretched them to personal limits of acceptance and maturity. Their sailing exploits are peppered with stories of their young daughters, whose simple perspectives and droll responses to all that went on around them will delight and inspire parents who believe that life with young children need not follow a predictable, prodding path of work and school. Avoiding misery is not the goal; living meaningfully is. A touching and occasionally hilarious tale, poignantly told by a mom who gives it all to her family and finds it all comes back in spades.


ISBN: 978-0-87839-586-6