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8/2/05 – Camping with dogs is a pretty routine phenomenon here in canoe country. Every season, hundreds of dogs of all shapes, sizes, and temperaments pass through Sawbill Lake, headed for adventure and wide open spaces with their human pals in tow.
The only problem for Sawbill customer Julie Grieves is that she is a cat person–an avid cat person. To her delight, Julie discovered that her 11-month-old cat Cara Mell loves canoeing.
If the next time you visit the BWCAW you happen upon a canoe with a feline riding bow, prancing up and down the gunwales, or swimming alongside (yes, you read that right), don’t tweak out, man.
This is cat country.
Cara Mell the cat surveys a calm Sawbill Lake at sunset.
Julie Grieves and Cara head out on Sawbill Lake for a little evening walleye fishing.