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9/16/05 – The glorious fall weather that we have been treated to over the past few weeks has enticed many folks to visit Sawbill during what many people think is the best time of the year in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness. One couple came into the store yesterday to renew their campsite for the third time. They came up about ten days ago planning to spend a night or two, and they are still here. When I asked when they would go home they cheerfully replied that they would stay for a few more days, but then they would have to leave because their lawn would need mowing. I thought they should call a neighbor and ask them to mow the lawn, or perhaps next time they should just chain a couple of goats up in their yard and let them keep the grass at bay. If keeping your lawn mowed is the only thing keeping you from spending the whole Fall up here then by all means get yourself a lawn sitter!
Last night was Shannon’s last night at Sawbill, and to celebrate the finish of her 4th season at Sawbill we had a Thanksgiving feast. Cindy, Jasmine, Laura, Alison, and Shannon took turns in the kitchen preparing all of the traditional fair, and after we closed at 7 PM we gorged ourselves on turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, wild rice, asparagus, and pumpkin pie! Us gents on the crew graciously did the dishes after the grand ole feast. After dinner Jasmine, Jeff, Laura and I waddled down to the landing to gaze at the stars. Nights like that make it easy to remember why people return year after year to live and work at Sawbill Outfitters.
The Sawbill babes worked hard preparing dinner yesterday and the whole gang was all smiles as dinner was served.
Laura shows off the turkey platter as Frank shovels more food onto his plate.
Shannon left Sawbill with a plate full of food to drop off at Firefighter John’s house in Schroeder on her way to Duluth last night. From the sound of it, the Sawbill Crew members are not the only people in Cook County that are sad to see Shannon go, but at least we were all treated to a hearty meal before she left. Not to worry, Shannon is planning to return to Sawbill to visit and pitch in for a weekend in October.