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Ice Out!

4/17/24 – It’s official, the ice is out on Sawbill Lake! Some persistent ice remains in front of the canoe landing, but from our vantage point more than 90% of the lake is now open water.  Lakes and ponds along the Grade are open as well, including Baker and Crescent. Brule is usually one of the last in the area to go out, so my guess is it will need a few more days before it’s ice free.  Also of note; many of the gravel roads are still quite soft, so proceed with caution as major rutting has been seen on access roads such as the Kawishiwi Lake Road, Baker Lake Road, and Brule Lake Road.

View from the landing around 5:30pm.

We aren’t open quite yet, but are happy to rent canoes by appointment if you’re itching to get out on the water (just give us a call to set something up). This time of year conditions can turn miserable and dangerous quickly, so it’s worth checking the forecast before making the trek up. Here’s a link to the National Weather Services 7-day forecast for Sawbill Lake, which we’ve found to be the most reliable for our area. -Jessica