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10/10/05 – Yesterday, Bill, Laura, Jeff, and Pat took a break after the weekend visitors left for home to play a rousing game of soccer. All summer long the parking lot in front of the store is filled with cars waiting for their owners to return from canoe trips. In the fall, as the number of canoeists dwindles to a handful, the parking lot empties and wonderful playing field is revealed.
Laura has been antsy to play soccer for several weeks, and yesterday she finally got her way. After an intense round of stretching and warm up drills, the two-person teams lined up for battle. It quickly became apparent that Laura and Bill would dominate the game. When the dust finally settled Jeff and Pat had scored 2 goals to Bill and Laura’s 10.
Laura told me that I could take Pat’s place for the next game, but I think I would prefer to take Bill’s place because the word around Sawbill is that Laura was the MVP. – Dave