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10/23/05 – Halloween is just around the corner, and Sawbill prepared for the annual celebration of witches and warlocks by carving pumpkins and consuming copious amounts of food and drink.
Every year over Minnesota’s teacher’s holiday long weekend, a group of Sawbillians, past and present, gather to celebrate the end of another season. Carving pumpkins is the cornerstone of this fun-filled weekend and each year people spend hours planning their designs, selecting their pumpkins, and carving them into a wide range of things. This year’s creations ranged from a pumpkin carved into a pumpkin, Bob Marley, a University of Minnesota “M”, Discoman, Fennel the sled dog, several cats, a sailing ship, a stand of trees, a sunflower, and a man standing on a giant wave. Below are a few photos of last nights fun, and the pumpkins that were created.
We would like to introduce Sawbill’s Halloween 2005 pumpkin corps.
Tess and Kirk Dornfeld carved a beautiful cat, and a majestic set of pine trees.
Cindy, Dan, and Shannon could barely carve their pumpkins because they were laughing so hard.
Clare and Derek hard at work on their masterpiece.
Carl and Jeff recreated Discoman, a piece of artwork that Frank traded for an Alumacraft many years ago.
Jeff assists Carl as they craft their “Discoman”.
One groovy Discoman.
Bill carved this great rendition of Bob Marley.