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Feelin' Blue
Don’t I look cold in this picture? That cold look on my face is actually pure acting– I was overheating in that big blue parka.
Last year on Christmas eve at Sawbill the temperature got down to 24 degrees below zero. This year on that same date the low temperature was 33 degrees above zero. In fact, the highs have been above freezing just about every day this week. You know you’re a true Minnesotan when you hear yourself declare “It’s hot outside!” when the thermometer hits 30 degrees farenheight. All the information in the Weather History of this Website is courtesy of Frank Hansen, who keeps meticulous records of the daily weather at Sawbill going back years and years. On this website alone we have records going back to May, 1997. This weather history makes for a valuable trip-planning tool: if you’re thinking about coming up to Sawbill for a canoe trip over the Fourth of July next year and you’re not sure what kind of clothes to pack, you can look up what the weather has been like on the Fourth over the past nine years and make your plans accordingly. Of course, as the warm spell we’re currently experiencing illustrates, temperatures and conditions can vary wildly from year to year.
Snowy Road
The Sawbill Trail seen from the inside of a moving vehicle
These recent melting and refreezing temperatures combined with somewhat erratic plowing have made the Sawbill Trail icy and slippery. I won’t name names in order to preserve the dignity of the affected parties, but let’s just say there has been more than one car pulled out of the ditch over the last few days. No cars, people or wildlife were injured in these recent incidents– I only mention it as a warning to anyone who might be planning to drive up to Sawbill for a visit in the next few days. Drive slowly and carefully! At least one moose has also been spotted ambling along the road near Sawbill, so keep alert for wildlife too.
Thanks to everyone who emailed about the previous newsletter entry. I’ll try to oblige any requests for specific information or photos over the next couple of days. If there’s something you want to see, feel free to email me at -Ruthie