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3/1/06 – Last weekend, Cindy and I received an invitation for dinner on Alton Lake. Our gracious hosts were the infamous Consortium, Sawbill area wilderness travelers for three decades. We ended up being late. We got a late start because we were waiting for chocolate chip cookies to come out of the oven. We were skiing down Alton when we spotted a fire across the lake. We skied a mile out of our way only to discover that the site was occupied by friendly, if somewhat puzzled, strangers. We turned around and headed back south on a very dark, snowy, and windy lake. Eventually we arrived to be greeted with generous portions of “grog” and soup.
The Consortium: (l-r) George McNary, Bob Glowacki, Rich Hill, Denny Wiederholt, and Pete Cummings aka HMFIC (His Majesty First In Command) on the shore of Wonder Lake.