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7/22/06 – The rain is finally here! Okay, it isn’t pouring but it is a start. With the Cavity Lake fire any little bit of rain helps the 400+ personnel working. As of the last update from the Pacific Northwest National Incident website, aproximently ten percent of the fire has been contained, mainly the east and south sides. With today’s showers hopefully that number will continue to rise.
Fishing Report:
Fishing has been great here! I have been nailing the small mouth. Yesterday crew member Corey Belt and I went to explore Handle Lake, which doesn’t get much use. There was a beaver dam which made getting into the creek difficult. Once we were in there with all the water grasses and weeds, paddling really became a workout. On the way back I decided to do some fishing and caught several large small mouth. The first one was a pound, the second was two pounds, and the third…you can guess it….three pounds. I only wish that I could have fished longer.
In the evening I will throw out a bobber with a leech and catch my breakfast walleye. Life is Good!
The bears are keeping busy, but thankfully away from us. I wonder how many more animals we have with the fires everywhere, the critters must go somewhere…right? Why not come here to Sawbill! The blueberry patches we usually raid have not been producing like we all hoped. Our theory is that it has been too dry and hot, but who knows, maybe there is a bear that just beats us to each patch.
The loon babies are growing up quickly. They are no longer the cute little puffs on their mothers backs. Flying is still something out of their grasp, but they are going under water for short distances. They still rely on mom and dad for food, but they are learning quickly.
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Carl Geving
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