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7/26/06 – Merry Christmas! No, we dont have snow up here yet, but we the crew did celebrate Christmas in July. Our festive dinner had the X-mas theme, from people dressing up in costumes, decorations, and singing Christmas carols. We also participated in the tradition of secret santa. Many of the presents were very creative while some were quite random. Just as much fun either way. I got a fishing pole made by Johnny. He put both sweat and blood into making it (two stiches following a minor hand saw accident). Dinner was stuffed chicken, rolls, potatoes, cranberry, salad, gravy, the whole nine yards!
The Sawbill Crew of 2006 celebrating Christmas in July.
I am leaving on a trip for a couple of days. I am going north to Cherokee and will have stories and adventures to share on my return. Also I will have a detailed fishing report of those lakes up there.
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Carl Geving