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8/10/06 – As of today, the route to Little Saganaga Lake through Mora Lake has been reopened. This was the only route that is commonly used by Sawbill canoeists that was closed due to the Cavity Lake fire. The fire is now 95% contained and is not expected to cause any further trouble. Below is the official notification about open and closed routes from the Forest Service:
Open Lakes/canoe routes:
The following lakes/routes are open for paddling & overnight camping. Not all campsites on these lakes are open. Closed sites will be posted as a closed campsite. There is no camping on Jap and Jasper.
– Alpine to Jasper (no camping), Jasper to Kingfisher, Kingfisher to Ogishkemuncie.
– Flying, Fay, Bingshick, Glee, Elusion, and Glossy.
– J A Paulson (JAP) is open for paddling through, both campsites are closed.
– Crooked, Tarry, Mora, Little Sag, Rattle, Gabimichigami, Agamok, Mueller and Ogishkemuncie.
Closed Lakes:
The following lakes are closed for the remainder of the season:
– Fern, French, Powell, West Fern, Peter, Virgin, Howard, Elm and Warclub.
Kekekabic Trail: The Kek Trail is currently closed due to the Level 2 Fire Restriction. When the restriction is lifted, the Kekekabic Trail will be closed for the remainder of the season from the Gunflint Trail traveling west to Strup Lake (near Kekekabic Lake).