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9/30/06 – The Wales family has been exploring the area around Sawbill by canoe for many, many years. Donald and Helen Wales introduced their children to wilderness canoeing beginning in the ’50s, staging large scale trips out of the Sawbill Lake campground. They have a particular tradition of exploring remote and less visited lakes. Don passed away in 1991 and Helen lives in Phoenix now. The fourth generation of Wales are now carrying on the tradition.
(l-r) “Dani” Becker, girlfriend of Joel Wales; Zachary Moreno, oldest child of Pamela Wales-Moreno and great grandson of Donald and Helen Wales; Greg Wales; Connie Wales (who honeymooned with Greg on Ada Lake in 1969); Joel Wales, Greg and Connie’s 6th child; Moriah Wales, Greg and Connie’s 7th child.