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12/12/06 – We’ve received many, many emails and cards offering sympathy for the untimely death of our dog Izzy. Many people shared the connection they made with Izzy, sometimes in only one meeting. It reminds us that our dogs really belong to the whole Sawbill family. Thank you to all.
While we can never replace Izzy, we have welcomed a new puppy to Sawbill. Like Izzy, she is an Avon Terrier from Willow Hill Kennels. Her name is Phoebe (we name all our dogs after nearby lakes) and she is a delightful addition. She is affectionate, friendly, and curious. Homer, our six year old Golden Retriever, gave us a very clear “oh no” look when we introduced her, but he’s been won over quickly.
Phoebe Fern Hansen