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5/14/07 – Despite the closure of the Sawbill entry point, work continues around here. Between groups leaving out of the Kawishiwi and Hog Creek entry points, and making sure our sprinkler systems are up and running (just in case), we’re all managing to stay pretty busy. Right now, the Sawbill, Baker, Homer, and Brule entry points remain closed, but we will certainly post any new information here as soon as we get it.
News from the Ham Lake fire has been positive today. Gunflint Lake got one inch of rain last night, and mid-trail, near Poplar Lake, got a half an inch. The controlled burns the Forest Service has been conducting have been working very well, and reports are that the fire is 20 percent contained. However, keep your fingers crossed for the heavy, steady rain that we still desperately need. – Jessa
Bill and Adam worked on installing a pump down at the lake today. The pump connects to a hose that runs into the cistern tank which operates the sprinklers.
Adam, home for a few days after surviving his second year of law school at the University of Minnesota, briefly considers a new career path.
Father and son try out their system. Looks like they’re ready!