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11/16/07 – Sawbill Lake froze over last night. The ice is about 1/2″ thick by the landing. It was calm overnight, so it is smooth. If we don’t get too much snow in the next few days, we might be able to start skating.
We picked up our first load of new Kevlar Seliga canoes yesterday from Bell Canoe Works in La Crosse, Wisconsin. Most of the canoe companies like to deliver our canoes early so they can clear out their warehouses for the spring retail rush. I drew quite a few interested looks from other drivers as I traversed Wisconsin and northern Minnesota. After fourteen hours of driving, I finally pulled into the driveway at Sawbill. As I wearily climbed out of the truck I heard hissing. After all that driving, a tire was going flat in the driveway. The Sawbill Trail claims another tire! – Bill