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8 inches of ice remains on Sawbill Lake.

5/3/08 – Eight inches of ice remains on Sawbill Lake. It rained all day yesterday followed by 2 inches of fresh snow overnight.
We tried to work inside yesterday, but the day before I saw a parade of wildlife on my daily run. First, a cow moose with her son, both looking pretty ratty as they shed their winter coats. The little bull was reluctant to yield the road, so I got quite close. His antlers are about 4 inch stubs. Just a bit further down the road I saw a sharp shinned hawk and moments later a ruffed grouse in full mating display. The hawk may have been looking to take advantage of the grouse’s bravado.
A mile or so further on, I spotted a fox hunting for mice in the dead grass alongside the road. The wind was blowing toward me and there was water running in a nearby ditch masking the sound of my footsteps. I stood 20 feet away and watched him forage through the grass. He was a beautiful cross-fox with a black belly and feet, a black triangle on his back that accented his black tail. His face was red and his body was mottled grey, red and black. Eventually he turned around, saw me, and was gone in a graceful flash.
Finishing out the wildlife extravaganza was a woodcock performing his spectacular high-flying mating flight.
Don’t let the pictures below scare you too much. As I write this in early afternoon, most of the snow has already melted. The forecast is for one more chilly day and then turning very warm and sunny. I still think the ice will be out by next weekend. – Bill
Just another typical spring-like morning at Sawbill.
This gives me a strong urge to wax my skis.
The snow covered twigs make a beautiful abstract pattern.