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Blueberry picking season has arrived. For a

8/7/08 – Blueberry picking season has arrived. For a few weeks in late summer the Northwoods abound with ripening berries. Today Molly, Liz and Caitlin took a few minutes away from work to drive to a secret location down the trail and harvest these sweet treats (I hear we might be having cheesecake for dessert soon!). If you’re out on a canoe trip in the next few weeks, scout open areas exposed to lots of sunlight; look for the berries on a small bushy plant. You just might come away with a full basket, and telltale blue fingertips. – Lee
Caitlin removing bits of leaves and the few unfit blueberries from the bunch.
One hour worth of harvesting: The pickers gathered enough blueberries to fill half of a gallon ice cream tub in about an hour this afternoon.