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For those of you who haven’t seen the aftermath

8/15/08 – For those of you who haven’t seen the aftermath of 2006’s Cavity Lake Fire for yourselves, here are two photographs I took on my recent trip into the Boundary Waters. The fire started on Cavity Lake, off the Gunflint Trail, and spread all the way to the area shown below, just north of Little Saganaga Lake. Paddling and portaging through the burn area was an eerie reminder of the power inherent in undeveloped ecological systems, and an amazing look at a near-wasteland of charred tree trunks, burned-white granite, and new green brush growing up between. – Lee
Imagine That: A few years ago this gurgling stream off the north end of Little Saganaga Lake would have been rushing out from the cover of trees.
Notice the hint of purple wildflowers along the green brush on the floor of the burn area. Signs of healing, indeed.