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Chris and Adam Seitz, father and son, came up from

9/1/08 – Chris and Adam Seitz, father and son, came up from the Twin Cities for a canoe trip last week, leaving us with a funny memory from their trip. They found an abandoned football (quickly nicknamed “Wilson”) at their Sawbill campsite their first night here, and decided to take it along on their trip to Burnt Lake for a little something to do in the downtime. Upon arriving at camp, they had another idea.
Chris explains, “At our site on Burnt Lake the tall trees were getting the best of our arms trying to string our bear ropes. Adam grabbed ‘Wilson’ and attached some parachute line that was left behind at a camp site on Kelly. And there you have it. ‘Wilson’ became our new launching device. Very accurate with good distance.”
Chris also says if anyone sees “Wilson” in this update and wants to reclaim him, he’ll gladly return the football upon request. Thanks Chris and Adam! – Lee
Go deep! Adam Seitz prepares to launch “Wilson,” his bear rope projectile.
Nice recovery: Chris and Adam Seitz picked up the orange cord on Kelly Lake and the football at Sawbill. They ended up using them both to help hang their food pack.