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Cindy Hansen on NPRs Car Talk program

10/17/08 – We just received the following exciting email:
From: Louie Cronin (The Barbarian) from National Public Radio’s “Car Talk”
Subject: You’re Going to Be Caller #9 on This Week’s Car Talk!
Cindy –
Your call is included in the show that airs this weekend. So don’t touch that dial! You can also listen at your computer with Real Audio, or download the show as a podcast, starting Saturday, at 2 pm, Eastern Time. Just go to our website
Congratulations! Hope you enjoy it and don’t get too much abuse from your friends and family for being on Car Talk.
That’s right, our own Cindy Hansen is going to be on Car Talk!! She actually recorded the segment several months ago. We were all disappointed when her segment didn’t run at that time. Our only hope was that they liked Cindy’s question so much that they were saving it for their especially good show that runs during pledge week. That appears to be the case.
Her question involves a marital dispute, so tune in for the fun! – Bill

Her question for the automotive experts stems from a spousal disagreement concerning the proper operation of this snow plow. She isn’t telling anyone exactly what the question was, or what wisdom the Tappet Brothers dispensed, saying: “You’ll just have to listen to the show.”