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The other day our terrier, Roy, came home

2/9/09 – The other day our terrier, Roy, came home with a Daredevil style fishing lure stuck in his hind leg. Fortunately, it was mostly stuck in his fur and not so much in his skin, so it was removed without much trauma. The question is, where did he find a fishing lure to sit on at this time of year? Of course, everyone immediately started finding humor in the situation with cracks like: “I didn’t realize the Roy season was open right now!” and “I wonder if he broke the line or if the fisherman cut the line when he/she saw what was hooked?”
Many years ago a distraught couple brought in their dachshund with a Rapala firmly hooked in its nose. We discovered that the same quick, painless method used for removing hooks from human flesh also works on wiener dogs. – Bill
Phoebe and Roy inspect the lure that hooked Roy.