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I caught this walleye on Sunday evening

7/15/09 – I caught this walleye on Sunday evening on an area lake. I hooked into it and I immediately knew it was not another 12-inch walleye. It made a few runs which made me think it could be a decent northern, but the fact it was staying down toward the bottom made me hope it was a large walleye. After about a five minute battle I got it within landing range, but naturally I did not have a net. After two missed attempts I was finally able to land it with my hands. I was lucky enough that someone was on shore with a camera and able to snap some photos. My main concern was getting the fish back in the water, which I was able to do quite quickly. The fish was 28 inches long and I’m guessing in the 8.8 pound range. Fish of my dreams! – Brian
Thanks Britt for taking this photo for me.