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More wildlife sightings: Paul Gray sent

7/22/09 – More wildlife sightings: Paul Gray sent us these photos from his recent trip in the area. After he snapped the picture of the wolf from the side, it trotted down the trail in front of his car for a quarter of a mile or so. It is likely the appearance of the car waylaid the wolf from a day’s hunt. I hope the moose cow and calf stay alert. Wolf packs (as well as bears and humans) present one of the greatest threats to moose populations. Lucky for the moose, their size makes them a foreboding obstacle for wolves to tackle, and they are usually good at evading contact. Wolf or no wolf, stay quiet and keep your eyes peeled while traveling through marshy areas like the one pictured. You’ll have a better chance to see a moose up close. – Lee
Wary wolf.
Moose cow and calf.