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JoAnn (Seliga) Nilsen just happened to stop

9/4/09 – JoAnn (Seliga) Nilsen stopped in for a surprise visit the other day. If you recognize her maiden name, it’s probably because it’s the same as a popular model of canoe we rent called the Bell Seliga. The Seliga’s namesake was Joe Seliga, a renowned Ely canoe shaper, and JoAnn’s father.
JoAnn was out for a drive with her husband and noticed the canoes in our lot. When she introduced herself, Clare showed her the original wood and canvas Seliga the Hansens keep in the dome for special occasions. JoAnn was excited to see one still in service, but said she has 11 (count ’em! – 11) of her own originals.
When asked what she thought about Bell reviving her dad’s hull design, she said, “They’re great canoes to paddle, what can I say?” – Lee
JoAnn (Seliga) Nilsen, and her husband pose with the Bell Seligas out back.