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7/4/10 Tofte Trek

7/4/10 – Today, crew members Joe, Leif, Liz, and Kaj ran the annual Tofte Trek Wilderness 10K. They joined over 200 other runners, both locals and visitors coming to the northwoods for Independence Day festivities. The course was hard- runners slogged through waist-deep shoe-sucking puddles and up slippery slopes on the Superior Hiking Trail. Liz ran the whole race giving the number one sign, thanks to a heavily bandaged pointer finger, while Joe “took it easy” and finished in the top seven for his age group.
Sawbill runners, from the left; Karen, Liz, Leif, Joe, and Kaj. This is before the race, when we were still smelling like daisies.
The start of the race!
And the Sawbill runners afterwards, smelling more like mud.