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07/31/10 Dragon Boat and Splinters

7/31/10 – The Sawbill crew relaxed last night by going to the opening ceremony of the official North Shore Dragon Boat Festival in Grand Marais (this year’s slogan; Do it for the dragon). The ceremony was lively and well attended, unstopped by damp and misty weather. The ceremony was followed by a live performance by the Splinters. Sawbill’s own Bill Hansen played lead guitar, with Jeff Deshaw on bass, Rick Brandenburg on drums, Chris Gillis on trumpet, and Leah Thomas on the accordion and vocals. The Splinters play lively accordion dance music, or, as Leah Thomas says, “A kind of Zydeco electric waltz/folk.” Regardless of what you call it, festival goers danced away until the very last song of the performance, and then the next two songs after that.
Leah Thomas and Bill Hansen perform in front of a very moody Lake Superior
The Sawbill young’uns pose for their own album cover on the shore. Roo refuses to pose.
– Kaj