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I’m having a wonderful time in Kenya.

12/8/10 – We got the solar pumping system working at the new fish pond business that Adam is setting up with four friends in a very rural part of Kenya. We are staying on a subsistence farm with no electricity or running water. We’ve been walking a two mile path to the work site every day. It is pretty much done now, so after double checking on it tomorrow, we’re off to Uganda for some white water rafting on the Nile. It’s a little bit of a busman’s holiday for me. – Bill
We jerry rigged the solar panels and the pump to see how it would work.
The owners and work crew admire their handiwork. In a week or so, it will be ready for fish and in six months the profits will roll in (knock on wood). Quite a few curious neighbors showed up too. These fish farms are pretty common in Kenya, but this is the first in this area.