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Yesterday Boy Scout Troop 477 returned after a six day long trip.

7/17/11 – Yesterday Boy Scout Troop 477, from Plymouth, returned after a six day long trip. The troop is made up of scouts ranging in ages from 12 to 15, three troop leaders, and their guide Pastor Rich Dahle-Koch. Over the course of six days they made an impressive loop that covered approximatly 85 miles.
On their first day they entered at Sawbill and traveled north over the 480 rod portage to Zenith. They made camp that day on Crooked Lake, nearly to Tuscarora. Their second day they stopped for a break on Round Lake and then continued on to make camp on Paulson Lake. Day three consisted of making the 515 rod portage up to Seagull crossing the 105 rod portage into Alpine Lake blindfolded, yes I said blindfolded, and finally making camp on Gabimichigami. In the morning of Day 4 they decided to bushwhack their way to Vierge Lake and then proceeded onto Adams for the night. Day five they checked out the pictographs on Fishdance, traveled the Louse River and settled in on Mesaba. Finally on their last and sixth day they paddled back to Sawbill over the same 480 rod portage they traveled on their first day.
I admire the members of Troop 477 immensely. They traveled a large portion of the central Boundary Waters in less than a week, a very difficult task. This may not have been possible if it were not for the great leadership shown by Pastor Rich and the other troop leaders. -Jessica
Troop 477 from left to right; Pastor Rich, Jacob M., Herb M., Arthur C. (seated), Nathan D., Zach E., Mikhail S., Garrett E., and not pictured Mike E.
Members of Troop 477 making their blindfolded portage across 105 rods. They each had a person with them guiding them along the way. Their guide could not touch them unless their was danger involved.