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We recently received this lovely note with fun pictures:

8/28/11 – We recently received this lovely note with fun pictures:
Sawbill crew,
Just thought I would send a note to express our thanks for another great trip, and share some fun pics from this July. I have been camping at the Sawbill campground each summer since the early 90’s. The staff has always been courteous and extremely helpful when issues arose. Fortunately, this year was an uneventful trip, with great weather, super fishing, and exciting wildlife sightings. We had a doe that was a regular visitor to our campsite, and seemed quite unafraid, letting me approach to within 5 feet without running off. She seemed quite interested in my fishing poles and came up to inspect them daily, but never knocked them over, even when playing chase with 2 fawns through our campsite. We also had a long and close encounter with a small bear on the Sawbill trail. As medical issues prevent me from taking trips into the Boundry Waters anymore, camping at Sawbill and doing day trips more than gets me my fix each year. Thanks to your friendly and helpful staff for helping make it another memorable trip, and see you next year!
Tim Martinson and Kristin Kim
Racine, WI

“If only I had thumbs.”
Take time to smell the flowers.