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Leaf Peeping ’11

9/28/11- Fall in the Northwoods is not only a great place for grouse hunters, but also for those wanting to see some beautiful fall colors. The leaves are supposed to be at their peak this weekend, so I went for a drive today to scope out the view. What I saw was an interesting combination of trees- some that seem to be in their fiery red peaks, some that have lost their leaves already, and some that are still green! We think this variety is due to the extreme weather we’ve experienced this fall. With summer temperatures one day and snow the next, these trees don’t know what season it is. Whatever the case, the combination of greens, golds, and reds makes for a lovely walk in the woods. -Liz
Fiery red maple leaves
A blend of colors on the Honeymoon Trail
Fall foliage on the Sawbill Trail