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Today, we are having what passes for a blizzard now-a-days.

1/9/13 – Today, we are having what passes for a blizzard now-a-days. High winds, falling temperatures and an inch of snow. The “storm” has knocked out power at the tower site in Lutsen where our radio telephone connects to the real world. If you’re trying to call us, be patient, or send an email. Our internet connection is by satellite, so only goes out when it rains or snows really hard. It’s the price way pay to live in paradise.
With today’s snow the total for the winter is 26.5″ with trace amounts that fell on 23 days not included. As of today, there is 10″ of snow on the ground.
A lot of people are starting to plan their canoe trips for this summer and are wondering about booking permits. The system has been simplified a little bit this year. All overnight permits in the Sawbill area can be reserved on a first come, first served basis beginning Wednesday, January 30th at 9 am central time. Actually, if you reserve your permit anytime before the end of February, you are almost certain to get the date and entry point that you select. As always, you can contact me and I’ll reserve your permit for you. You can email or call with the information asked for at this link:
You can also just note on your outfitting reservation that you would like us to reserve a permit for you.
Here is a little more New Year’s broom ball fun from the crew reunion, thanks to filmmaker extraordinaire, Carl Hansen. – Bill