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Today’s ice report: 15″ of snow, slush and water on top of 26″ of ice.

4/25/13 – Today’s ice report: 15″ of snow, slush and water on top of 26″ of ice. Much warmer temperatures are due to start tomorrow!
Tyler, Leif and Luke went “winter” camping on Alton Lake last night. They hiked out after work in the late afternoon and enjoyed a warm fire and a full moon before sleeping under a tarp.
Tyler filling out his BWCA Wilderness entry permit. Photo by Luke Opel
Tyler and Leif heading up Alton Lake. Photo by Luke Opel
Tyler and Leif gaze at the stars. Photo by Luke Opel.
Cozy by the fire under the moon. Photo by Luke Opel
Alton Lake by moonlight.
It’s been a long time since we’ve heard from Sawbill’s Poet Laureate, Ed Dallas.

Late April, with its snow-covered fields
and lack of spring green,
has reduced my brisk afternoon walks
into slow shuffles.
Like the snow, I’m hanging on,
waiting for better times to come.
Oh, many will say,
“It’s just Mother Nature playing a little joke on us,”
but I know better.
She’s in cahoots with Old Father Time.
As I shuffle down the road,
their evil plan becomes clear to me.
Mountain-sized snowmen, a half-mile thick at the waist,
plod slowly through Minnesota, Iowa bound.
Their cry “Remember the Ice Age!”
sends the fleeing populous into a panic,
but not me. I’m staying put,
dig my fingernails in,
hang on… adapt,
so the future Dallas-Neanderthal Clan
can have the joy of
hunting woolly mammoths
with a spear.
E. Dallas
April 2013