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6/19/14 – Several Sawbill crew members have gone out paddling recently, which has opened up plenty of opportunities for the traditional crew prank of snoosing, that is, hiding useless junk in the gear packs of the snoosees for them to discover while on the trail.
Last week Mark and I carelessly left our packs out the night before our departure, so we ended up paddling and portaging 60 miles with an impressive collection of miscellaneous equipment hidden in our stuff.
Since then, vigilance has greatly increased. We were barely able to hide anything in the packs of the Sawbill ladies for their trip this week, and before Nils left on Tuesday he was able to extract everything except a big crescent wrench and an air hockey striker.
Legendary snooses of the past have included a vacuum cleaner, a giant plastic penguin named Roscoe, and of course the infamous time that a pair of determined snoosers caught up with their victims while on the trail, stole their lightweight kevlar canoe in the middle of the night, and swapped it for the biggest, heaviest Grumman they could find.
To read more about the heroic snoose exploits of a decade ago, take a look at our newsletter entries from July 11-13, 2004. – Peter
Mark on Tuscarora Lake with some of the items that we discovered in our gear that evening. The big pancake griddle was a bear to portage, but we know that it could have been a lot worse!