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April Knight Update

7/2/14 – You may recall about a month ago we told you all about fellow paddler April Knight’s expedition from Sawbill to Hudson Bay. April’s latest updates of her expedition have come in, and she is having quite the adventure! Recently April found herself in the backyard of the Christensen family while portaging around some raging rapids, where she was invited into their home for good food, good company, and a shower.
From there, she made her way to Gimli, a small Icelandic community north of Winnipeg. There April met Ellie, the harbormaster’s wife, and her family. They were kind enough to allow her passage on the barge up to Poplar Point /Poplar River the following Tuesday. In the week she stayed in Gimli, April was able to celebrate & experience Canada Day in this small, warm community.
If all that was not enough, she ran into none other than Mike Ranta at the Macarthur damn. Mike Ranta is a canoe blogger, who is currently attempting to break the record for the longest solo canoe trip! What an adventure.
April reports, “Between wind bound days and going through water that resembled blue whales playing just below the surface, I have a new vigor for the journey and meeting so many wonderful people!”
April has now made her way on via the barge to Poplar and Nanowin Rivers Nature Preserve off of Lake Winnipeg. We wish her the best of experiences and cannot wait to hear about all the adventures that await her! – Mark
April and winnipeg.JPG
April and some hungry fisherman she met on the shore of Lake Winnipeg
photo 3[2].JPG
Mike Ranta, his dog, and their decked out canoe
photo 2[6].JPG
April with Captain Walter Lea, the harbormaster of Gimli