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Music at Sawbill

8/18/15 – During the summer there are many opportunities to hear music informally at Sawbill – customers often bring musical instruments to play by the fire or down by the lake. In addition to more casual concerts, there are two Sawbill-sponsored events where customers and crew members come together to listen to quality, local music.
First is the Dome Dance, held this year on August 2nd. Crew members give the old dome a good sprucing up and everyone is invited for live music and dancing! If you don’t consider yourself a good dancer, don’t worry – there’s a caller and if you can follow directions, you’ll do just fine.
Partners swing down the aisle during the paddle dance
Ladies waiting in line
A former crew member is carried away during the paddle dance
The second musical event is the Songwriter Circle, hosted by award winning musician Jerry Vandiver. Jerry, who hails from Nashville, has recording credits on more than 15 million records, including songs with Tim McGraw, The Oak Ridge Boys, Lee Greenwood, and more. His songs bring together two of his passions, music and canoeing, with classics such as “Camp Coffee” and “Rocks and Roots.”
Crew member Logan Sheets joined Jerry, Frosty (a former crew member) and Bill for a few songs.
Olive, another crew member, sang a sweet song called “Emmylou”
Logan and Olive were then joined by a third crew member, Claire, and performed “Sittin’ on the dock of the bay,” which should have been “Sitting on the dock of the lake“- Elena