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Nothern Lights

8/5/16 – Sawbill crew and customers have been lucky enough to see the Aurora borealis, or Northern Lights, several times this summer. On August 2nd, they were out in full force. Customer Christopher Glenn was out on the dock at the same time as the crew, and was kind enough to send us this photo.
This photo doesn’t quite do the experience justice – it was an unbelievable sight. Perhaps it is best summed up by this passage from the Robert Frost poem “On Looking Up By Chance at the Constellations”:
You’ll wait a long, long time for anything much
To happen in heaven beyond the floats of cloud
And the Northern Lights that run like tingling nerves.

When you make your way up to Sawbill, be sure to ask someone at the Rentals desk for the Northern Lights forecast! You might just get lucky. – Elena