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Lady Chain Update

7/8/17 – Co-owner of Sawbill Dan Shirley, crew member Jesse Bergeson, and Huckleberry the dog recently completed the “Lady Chain,” one of the more popular routes in the Sawbill area.
Jesse and Huck at one of the portages
One of the benefits of crew members going on trips is that they are then able to provide first-hand information and advice to customers traveling the same route. Below is Dan’s report:
Paddling east from Kawishiwi to Sawbill is the common direction for paddlers to take – normally the upstream flow is inconsequential. However, with high water levels and the copious rain falls recently, the creeks were raging. Between Polly and Phoebe, we had to paddle up small rapids in order to reach the traditional portage landings. It was high adventure, for sure! While this was challenging, we appreciated that paddling down stream would be equally so as missing a portage and getting sucked farther down stream could be a possibility. Be safe our there, keep a level head, and have fun!
Dan and Jesse ran into fellow crew-member Nick and Nick’s dad Dale along the Lady Chain!
Huckleberry’s report: “The lakes are perfect for swimming this time of year… now please let me out of this canoe!” – Elena