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Paddling Season Is Here!

5/7/18 – It’s tradition at Sawbill to bet on what day the ice will go out. Bill always bets his birthday, May 5th. Following in her Pop Pop’s footsteps, the littlest outfitter Kit Shirley bet her birthday May 7th. Sure enough, not only did we celebrate Kit’s second birthday yesterday, we also celebrated official ice out on Sawbill Lake! Bill claims that he’s only won the bet twice in his life, so he was very impressed it only took Kit two years.

The littlest outfitter contemplates a summer full of swimming.

Another ice out tradition is opening the “Beach Club”. Lucky early season crew members Jessica Hemmer, Luke Opel and Hannah Kennedy along with Dan and Huckleberry thoroughly enjoyed the 70 degree sunshine after the first swim of the season!

The melting ice separated the two dock pieces, the Forest Service is on their way to repair it!

See you soon!