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Leafer References

9/14/18- Despite the deceptively summer-like temperatures, the changes in the leaves around the canoe yard are getting more apparent by the day. The underbrush is yellowing and the white pine are dropping needles. It won’t be long until we see full blown fall colors on the trail.

If you’re planning a leafing trip around Minnesota, a good reference is the  Minnesota department of Natural resources fall color finder. It’s an interactive map on their website that shows the progress of leaf color throughout the state, among other resources. It will be updated every Wednesday until the end of October.

Map of current fall colors in Minnesota with color coded ranges

In other notable Sawbill news, the fishing is starting to pick up. Walleye are being caught fairly regularly in daylight hours and the smallmouth haven’t quite headed out to deeper water yet. Fall fishing can be incredibly productive as fish try to pack on the pounds before winter sets in. The fishing heats up as the water cools down.