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First Ski of the Season

12/9/18 – Thanks to calm, sunny, 20 degree weather I was able to hit the lake yesterday for my first ski of the season.  There was just enough snow (2 to 4 inches) to make skiing fun without feeling like I was slogging through it.  I’m also happy to report the slush was overall minimal.  Luckily, with the high sun, I was able to see the darker slush pockets from a distance and meander my way around them.  I wonder if the wolves who passed through a day or two ahead of me had used this technique as well?  Their tracks seemed, for the most part, to zig and zag around the slush too.  -Jessica

This cedar caught my eye when I stopped at a campsite to soak in the sun. Clearly it too had the same idea, although it was accomplishing the goal more efficiently than I.
This picture was taken at a campsite in Kelso bay.  I call it; Tracks, Tracks, Tracks.  From left to right; rodent tracks, my tracks, wolf tracks.