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Latest Permit News

2/12/19 – The most recent update we’ve gotten from the Forest Service is that they tentatively plan to have permits available on February 27th at 9am, which coincidentally happens to be Clare Shirley’s birthday. With any luck, and some birthday magic, we’re hoping everything happens according to plan. In either case, we’ll keep this updated if we hear of any changes.

Also of note, winter campers have been encountering large areas of slush in recent days. After inviting himself on one such outing, Huckleberry can attest that getting stuck in the slush is not much fun. By the time Dan caught up to the unsuspecting winter campers being tailed by one very slushy pup, he had a hard time telling Huckleberry apart from the spawn of the Sawbill Slush Monster. Luckily they were both able to make it back and thaw out successfully. -Jessica

Huck pondering the error in his ways.